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hap·py  [hap-ee]


  1. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

synonym: gay

on·ion [uhn-yuhn]


  1. a plant, Allium cepa, of the amaryllis family, having an edible, succulent, pungent bulb.


     2. of, relating to, or resembling an onion

Hap-py On-ion

  1. a person with layers (cue the onion reference) of emotions, experience, and skills who feels a heightened level of joy after discovering something (a job perhaps?) in line with their goals, interests, and strengths.

Happy Onion Coaching Collaborative is a small, queer-owned, Austin-based career coaching business dedicated to helping the LGBTQIA+ community (and our Allies) during their job search.


Our resources are designed with inclusivity in mind and come from the expertise and personal experiences of our team.


Our coaching services are casual, career-focused, and caring—we aim to provide a safe space to have honest conversations about your career, whether you know what you want to be when you grow up or just ready to explore new career paths. Additionally, every coach that works with Happy Onion is either a member of the LGBTQIA+ community OR a strong, dedicated Ally.


But Happy Onion CC is not your traditional career coaching platform.

Our coaches lead with chill vibes, open hearts, and a strong desire to bring out your inner bad*ss.


We use a variety of tools and assessments to dig past your first few “layers” to get a deeper understanding of who you are and where you want to go. And our affordable, ready-when-you-are services keep our priorities (you) at the top of mind so that we can ultimately do what we as colleagues and real-life friends came together to do,

help you create a life you love.

The amazing humans below have delivered coaching calls and/or have created the resources you see on the website and continue to be an important part of what HOCC is today.

Coaches & Collaborators

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"I love people. I love helping them identify their own unique awesomeness and showing them how to share it with the world!"

"We all need a little help sometimes. I’ll meet you where you are, and together we’ll work to get you where you want to be."

"I’m an empathetic coach that is fiercely passionate about helping clients reach their career goals no matter where they are in their career. Meet with me to build your confidence and slay your job search!"

"The truth is: you're a badass.

It can be hard to remember that sometimes, but I love helping people see that truth for themselves.


I'm empathetic, caring, and determined to help you realize and leverage your awesomeness. Let me help you achieve your career goals."


Career Transition & Exploration, Tech, College Students, LGBTQIA+, Upskilling, Non-Traditional Education


Tech, Social Sciences, Nonprofits, Career Transition & Advancement, College Students & Recent Grads, LGBTQIA+


Education, Tech, Career Transition, Strategies for Introverts, Building Relationships, LGBTQIA+


College Students, Tech, Growing a Targeted Network, Career Exploration, LGBTQIA+